Custom-made anticorrosive wood flower stand

Custom-made anticorrosive wood flower stand

Generally speaking, wrought iron flower stands emphasize European style, and wooden flower stands emphasize rural style, but there are subtle differences according to the different colors of flower stands. The selected flower stand should be consistent with the overall style of the furniture to achieve harmony and unity. In order to show the charm of nature, many garden flower stands will choose anti-corrosion wood flower stands. This has many advantages, but in real life, how many people know about custom-made anti-corrosion wood flower stands? The forms of flower stands are: gallery flower stands. In the most common form, wooden pillars are supported on left and right beams so that visitors can rest inside. Flower arrangement. The board is embedded on one-way beams and columns, with two or one side protruding, making the body light and lively. Independent flower stand. Various materials are used to form walls, vases, umbrellas and other shaped spaces, and rattans are used to wrap and form viewing. How about anticorrosive wooden flower stand?

1. Anticorrosive wood is not a natural tree, but it is called anticorrosive wood only after processing. Preservative wood is usually treated with preservatives and wood under vacuum and pressure to make the wood have antiseptic and anti-mildew properties. The anticorrosive wood flower stand itself has a good decorative effect. It is equipped with artificial rockery, fake water and flowers and plants on the balcony. How can such a painting not be appreciated?

2. Anticorrosive wooden flower stand has high toxicity and strong sterilization ability. Tests show that the anti-corrosion wooden flower stand is particularly outstanding in anti-mildew and anti-corrosion. The design of the anticorrosive wood flower stand shown in the picture above is innovative. The lower part of the flower stand is also designed with a bench for people to rest. On summer nights, it is comfortable and relaxing to sit under a flower stand covered with flowers and plants.

3. Anticorrosive wooden flower stands are also common outdoors. They can provide shade, rest and beautify the garden. On the one hand, people can rest and enjoy the scenery. On the one hand, it creates conditions for the growth of climbing plants. Therefore, it can be said that the flower stand is a garden sketch close to nature.

4. Flower stands made of anticorrosive wood are more expensive than those made of ordinary wood, but their service life is much longer than that of ordinary wood. Their simple and natural appearance makes up for the shortcomings of ordinary wood's poor durability, so it has been recognized by the public. Hunan anticorrosive wood grain structure is straight. Disadvantages Since the raw material is natural wood, the product will inevitably have defects, such as wood scars, small holes, crevices, cracks, cracks, etc. Sometimes the same kind of wood has a little error in color and size, which is normal. Not as refined and precise as plastic products or indoor furniture. These are to show the randomness of the product, not the defect of the product. Will not affect the appearance and use.