Flower stand anticorrosive wood offer

Flower stand anticorrosive wood offer

A comprehensive analysis of the pineapple grid and teach you the identification method! Pineapple lattice is widely used in many occasions, and there are many varieties. In the national standard of "Pineapple lattice", pineapple lattice tree species include: African pineapple lattice, Indonesian pineapple lattice, American pineapple lattice, Myanmar pineapple lattice, and Malaysian pineapple lattice. , Philippine pineapple grid, Thai pineapple grid. Faced with so many "pineapple grids", how should we distinguish between them?

Regarding the identification of pineapple grids, the Institute of Wood Industry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry handled it as follows: Regardless of the color depth and the quality of the material, as long as it really belongs to this type of wood, the tree species is not identified and the origin is not proven. characteristic

The heartwood of pineapple grid wood is brown to dark reddish brown, usually with dark and light stripes. The density of the gas is 0.80-0.83 g/cm3, the strength and hardness are medium, the processing is relatively easy, and the wood is not easy to crack and deform. It is a good material for decoration and production of solid wood flooring. The market also uses pineapple grid anticorrosive wood to make imitation classical furniture.

Cross section

The heart and sapwood area is more obvious. The heartwood of pineapple grid anticorrosive wood is yellowish brown to reddish brown, with dark concentric circular stripes. The sapwood i